What is Flawsome?

Back in 2018, life transitions surfaced through much loss, plentiful grace and Gods unwavering love for me. I found myself completely reliant upon his direction to guide me in my next chapter of life as a widow and once again a single mama. I prayed and prayed for clarity on the use of my talents to bring joy, to keep me busy through grieving, and a means to provide for my family. Grieving is hard …at this point I had experienced the loss of both of my parents, however I quickly realized that the heartache I was experiencing was like no other. We were to grow old together, share our children’s’ graduations, weddings, spoil our grandchildren together, live out our retirement plan. God’s plans were different.
After many prayers and several months of attempting to work away the heartache as a realtor and commercial poultry farmer (both of which my Eddie and I worked side by side daily). God changed my perspective. The brokenness was beautiful, the scars were building my testimony and my faith, but most importantly, that brokenness abundantly blessed me to the point of complete surrender. Not me God, but YOU! Take these flaws and create something awesome. And HE did. He showed me that he loves my many flaws…every single one…he showed me that his grace is sufficient and will always carry me regardless of circumstances. This little shoppe is so much more than a small business…and it is my prayer daily that God is glorified through every conversation, hug, story, experience and purchase. The people that I have met, the friends I have made, the testimonies I have shared and listened to, the tears we have shed together, the missions we share, the coffee, the advice, the music we sing, the love we convey…I could go on and on …that’s what this little shoppe is…it’s FLAWSOME. Where flaws are not only embraced …they are loved.💕